My friend got me into juicing recently. She drank nothing but juice for 10 days as a cleanse. I tried for 2, and by the end of day 2 I was practically force fed a meal by my boyfriend since I was so mean and hungry. So while the “only juice” thing clearly isn’t for me, I’m still making at least 1 a day because the health benefits are amazing! You can fit so many veggies and fruit in one juice and get amazing nutrients because it’s all so fresh. The best kind is juices made of leafy greens (kale being the most nutritious) and I usually add an apple and some ginger to make it a bit sweeter. You should aim for a ratio of 3 veggies to one fruit. Obviously sometimes you’ll want something more fruity, like the one I made today, but since I’m having a whole wheat wrap with spinach and arugula for lunch and a big green salad for dinner, I figure I’m getting tons of greens today and could stand to have some fruit. More on juicing later!