sea scallops in lemon sauce w/wild rice & spinach

Sorry no pic, was so good we ate it all before I remembered! But here’s a delish recipe as we head into warmer months:)

Begin by cooking wild rice, takes about 30 minutes (I used 365 Organic Wild Rice from Whole Foods).

Next sautee spinach with olive oil and chopped garlic, plus a little salt and pepper.

In another pan, pour olive oil, place sea scallops in pan and sprinkle salt and pepper on top. Sear at medium heat until nice and brown on that side, then flip and cook until browned on this side as well. Once cooked, place on top of wild rice.

In the same pan, put a small amount of butter, some more olive oil, white wine, more chopped garlic, salt and pepper and juice from a whole lemon. Simmer until butter melts and garlic browns slightly.

Simply pour the sauce over your scallops and wild rice, and you have a delicious warm weather dish! As long as you keep the butter to a minimum and use only a small amount of rice, it’s a nice, healthy dish as well. Enjoy!